is Czech brand of musical instruments called Brumle (in english it’s jaw harp). The jaw harp is an ancient instrument which is held against the teeth and can be plucked or struck with the fingers or thumb. It is found in many cultures across the globe and has a very long history.

Kovárna Kovárna Nástroje

Each and every jaw harp from our production is an original, we use traditional Jakutic handmade process with no machinery and basic tools only. We produce four jaw harp models. Our first two models Rabach01 and Jakut02 are based on the tradition of famous master Josef Jofen from Austria, our great friend and teacher. After mastering the production of those two models, we enriched our offering with models Bass rabach03 and Jumbo04

This is the latest product from our workshop – stainless jaw harp in the same shape as our Rabach jaw harp. This instrument is made of surgical stainless steel, polished. The jaw harp is very durable, keeps the shine for long time, if well maintained. This jaw harp will play well for years, even when […]

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The world’s leading players play our jaw harps. Our jaw harps are professionally tested in cooperation with them. Listen to the jaw harp sound and get inspired.