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is czech jaw harp maker. Our production is based on traditional techniques of Siberian and Austrian masters. The whole production process is hand made, without use of machinery, therefore every jaw harp from our production is an original piece.

Výroba brumlí

Our jaw harps have roots in Austria and siberian region Yakutia. We continue in tradition of world wide famous master Josef Jofen, who has learnt traditional Yakutian khomus production process from Yakutian master Ivan Khristoforov.

History of our production starts in mid 90’s, when we started to help master Jofen with production of frames for his models “Jakutische” and “Rabacher”. Miloslav Sesulka has learnt forging these two models and took over their production in 2010. He kept these two models without changes until today and started to make also his own models, based on the same or similar production process.

Jaw harp is a traditional musical and shamanic instrument of many cultures. The very special fact about jaw harp is, that it independently appears in many cultures across the globe. The earliest depiction of somebody playing what seems to be a Jew's harp is a Chinese drawing from the 3rd century B.C. Then the instrument appears in Celtic cultures, in Siberia, Nepal and India, in central and northern Europe.

Broušení brumle

There are many names for this instrument of which these are a few of the better known: jew’s harp, jaw harp, trump, maultrommel, guimbarde, marranzano, munnharp, doromb, drumba, vargan, khomus, parmupill, brumle, drumbla.

Hotová brumle

Our tools are made in a small workshop in the town Ivančice in South Moravia.

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